Moto Guzzi Malta Club

How we met!


I have purchased my Moto Guzzi California EV about May  2006.. Martin farrugia who used to work with Jamesco trading Ltd and still is a friend of mine today put me in contact with Ray Bonnici who wanted to sell is bike.

I wanted a big bike but never thought of buying a Guzzi. In fact my idea was to buy a Yamaha Drugstar.

When I saw the California in very good condition I liked it but was afraid of it as it was huge and heavy.

I used to drive a Honda 70 before.

Any way I did by this bike, even went abroad with it to Sicily and had two other experiences one in the Chianti region of Italy with a Honda CBF 500 and a Honda Deauville in Madrid to Toledo in Spain.

By now I am comfortable driving my Guzzi and always had the idea of  forming a club in Malta for this make.

Frans Scifo a great friend of mine also liked Guzzi’s and wanted to by one. He had a Honda Phantom.  He was about to buy a Nevada but I knew of a California which had been on sale. Frans ended up buying this beautiful California Special in perfect condition as new.

We had been planning to go for a ride together for a while, always  one of us busy .But finally on 1st of May 2009 a public holiday we went out at around 9.30 am. I  already had a ride on my own that morning. We headed to Ghajn Tuffieha and there seen a guy passing by on a Nevada.

 Later on he came close by and we started a conversation. Rudolf as we got to know his name had bought the Nevada the day before. He works with the Army as Frans does and we soon made friends.

Soon another guy turned up who also drives a Nevada.  Mario Borg from Zebbug a customs officer.

 We then went for a ride all four together up to cirkewwa where Rudolf offered  a coffee . We talked about forming a club and had a couple of photos using a  mobile phone.

 We can say that this could be considered the first “Raduno” of our club. We all exchanged details and phone meet again.